Useful software

There is a lot of free and commercial software available to automate games such as World of Warcraft or Rift etc. However, certain types of software, known as bots, are often detectable by the game developers and put the user at risk of being banned.

The safest way to automate a game is to use a key sender and auto clicker such as Chimpeon. This type of software simulates key presses and mouse clicks and as such can be used to perform PVE and PVP attack rotations, prevent AFK, and many other in-game actions. However, the administration of the project can easily keep track of your actions, if you for example create a 100 items per second , while the other players create 10-20 items in the same period.

Despite simulating user actions, key senders and auto clickers are still detectable. The frequency and regularity of this type of software could be noticeable by a game developer. However, some key senders and auto clickers can be configured to only press a key or click a button under certain conditions, making their automation more humanlike.

Do not use free software that is proposed to you on suspicious forums, especially in the themes, among where the wrote about "dignity" of software only novices profiles with 1-2 messages.No need to be too smart to realize that you're downloading a virus. Before downloading be sure to check the file using the site-scanners for viruses. For example of such a site is

The most useful software are private like Adrenalin (Lineage 2), enjoyed by thousands of players. Over privat-software developers are always working to correct and supplement program for stable work. Also in the list of useful software is suitable the software to replace the information about your computer, such as ProxyCap, PBDownforce and so on. Always check reviews on any software you want to use.

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