Unban Service

Last update: 
20/08/2017 - 20:17

UnbanService it's a best way to get your game account unbanned for almost all online games. Sephirofl is a highly regarded unbanner, who has been conducting his service, on multiple sites, since June 2011.


He has experience with over 3000 clients on over 30 different games. On a day to day basis, his knowledge, ability, and methods increase. If you have been banned once, or multiple times, seek the guidance of someone with the knowledge and experience to help you recover your account.

UnbanService  help YOU, the customer, get unbanned from the game you love. UnbanService passionate about helping customers retrieve their accounts.

As many of us know, bans can be an annoyance that make you unable to play your favorite game in which you have invested time and money. UnbanService studied extensively ways to maximize your unban chances and recover your account.

This service will NEVER ask for any of your account information.

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Type of bans supported:

  • Use of bots and other 3rd party software
  • Auction House economy exploiting
  • Harassment or foul language
  • In-game gold transactions involving real-life currency
  • Use of exploits or “clever use of game mechanics” to trivialize different game mechanics

Why should you choose them:

  • Over 3000 customers serviced and counting
  • High success rate
  • Over 4 years of experience
  • Fast, professional and reliable service according to customers
  • Unban letters built for your situation
  • Three different packages based on your needs
  • Awesome and fast support via E-mail