Avoiding spying logs of your character

In 90% of cases, the reasons for the administration to begin to watch logs of your characters caused by the players. For the player, this may be harmless actions, such as daily contact with his friends in the chat. But for many administrators of game servers only one mention of the word "real money" in the chat, it would be enough for gold sellers hunter to make your character as "next target". 

To avoid being a victim of the ban, just do not be stupid.

Do not post and do not tell anyone how often and how much you sell game currency, while calling administration "so stupid", who can not catch you. Just after these words you will become poor sheep who fell for his own stupidity. Many players falsely believe that administration of the project does not track game chat and an even greater number of players believe that the administration keeps track of all kinds of chat but not the "private chat", which undoubtedly is their biggest mistake. All chats are logged in all games. Even your intimate messages are read with great interest.

If you are a botter, you should never selling a values from the same character. Too much gaming values which are in one character, raise suspicions, not only by the Administration but also by ordinary players who like a herd running in support of creating a lot of complaints on your a trader saying "no one does not earn so much." 

All suspicions from the the players and the Administration, you only raise own. Be careful who and what you are writing. Keep track of how much and how often you sell game currency.

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