Pokemon Go

09.08.2016 19:33

PokeWatchers is a non crowdsourced service with coordinates of actual rare pokemons. All dublicates filter out in real time.

09.08.2016 18:46

Pokemon map in real time, where you can find all pokemons. You can catch them by hands or use coords to catch them in your bot.

07.08.2016 18:44

Pokemon Go map in real time. You can see pokemons on map right in your location to catch it by hands or by bot.

The map site here - SkipLagged

05.08.2016 15:54

Coordinates of Rare Pokemons with notification for some of Pokemon you need.
Web site gets its data from other users that are submitting coordinates.
Only the last 50 Pokemons are displayed.

Get coordinates here - RareSpawns