Remove permanent ban

If you are using third-party software, for farming game currency \ game values you should be required to protect your computer against a permanent ban on the game project.

First of all you need to check service - UnbanService. This service will help you to unban your game account in almost all online games as soon as possible. You can be sure in high chances of success, because this service works since year 2011 and has more than 3000 customers, wh successfuly get their accounts unbanned.

Protect your IP address. To do this, use a proxy-software that will change your IP address when connecting to the gaming service. An example of such software is a program ProxyCap. This software replaces your IP address before connecting to the game server. If the IP address that will be used in the program is not available, then the connection to the server will not happen, that excludes the possibility of the server know your real IP address.

Do not forget about the substitution HWID. Most servers, except the official, blocking access to their projects by adding your computer to the blacklist. It can happen in different ways, ranging from banning your HWID to lock your MAC-address. On the simplest free-servers program will help you like PBDownforce. However, on a more serious projects such programs do not help. To avoid all possible bans, will help virtual machine installed on your computer. For example software VirtualBox. After the installation of the virtual machine, install the game client, and additional. software that you use for grinding or farming. If software is not free and requires activation key, then run it from the hard disk from which it was activated. After receiving the ban, you can simply reset the virtual machine, and continue to farm as before.

Note that caught by Administration bot-accounts will necessarily be banned, as well as the IP address and HWID from which they were launched, so never use the same login account \ Passwords \ email and IP addresses in a proxy-software for further farm accounts.

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