ShinraMeter update 15.06.2017


  • JP and FR langpacks update
  • Fix black borders on low scales
  • New popup notification style
  • New settings UI
  • Material design for all meter windows
  • Add full screen overlay
  • New dps stats servers configuration: All servers now are equitable and can be enabled/disabled separately
  • New option for dps stats server - Allowed area url.
    Each server can now have it's own list of supported dungeons.
    If not configured or server returned something bad - use default area list (current moongourd list for now, private dps server owners can look at this list for example of server-side configuration)
  • Glyphbuilds can be uploaded to any server if appropriate url is configured
  • Skill cast count now sended to dps servers

All information and links on soft page - ShinraMeter