HonorBuddy update 19.06.2017


  • Core:
    Updated for WoW Patch 7.2.5.Patch
  • DungeonBuddy:
    Added profile and script for Court of Stars
  • Questing:
    Added a 'RecheckCheckpoints' quest profile tag, which causes checkpoints to be evaluated when executed
  • Api Changes:
    Added property CanObliterate in ItemInfo, can be used to check if an item can be obliterated
    Fixed an issue where SpellManager.CanCast would fail to check range for some melee spells, caused by WoWSpell.IsSpellMelee being wrong
    WoWSpell.IsMeleeSpell should now work for all melee spells. This also fixes a bug where SpellManager.CanCast would return false for some melee spells when checking range
  • Bug fixes:
    Fixed a bug that caused LandAndDismount to not land and also fixed the in game lag that it caused
  • DungeonBuddy:
    Darkheart Thicket, Dresaron: Fixed encounter logic dealing with the 'Down Draft' ability
  • Navigation:
    Fixed an issue for druids where Honorbuddy would get stuck in ground travel form, believing it could fly
    Bot will now fly around class-restricted areas in Broken Isles
  • ProfessionBuddy:
    HB no longer hangs when profile attempts to change to the DungeonuBuddy bot using the 'ChanceBot' action

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