IP masking on web-sites, forums and skype

Very often the sellers of gaming values fall under the sanctions of game projects is due to the fact that they have left about themselves all the necessary information on one of the forums about selling of game currency. Such forums are not the bastion of consumer protection, so about your safety you will have to think with your head.

Visit such sites with accessible to all Internet users plugins for browsers for substituting the IP address. Examples of plugins is ZenMate и Browsec for a Chrome browser. Through this, you will never leave your real IP address to the owners of forums or websites. Consequently you do not have to think about the fact that the site owner is a friend, a familiar, a partner of the owner of one of the game servers.

If you leave your Skype as the contact information on any website or forum, make sure you eliminate possibility to know your IP address in the Skype. Run your Skype - Tools - Advanced - Connection - (Check the box "Allow direct connections to your contacts only". A result of such simple procedure, your IP address will be safe.

Don't forget that leaving on the forums link to your Facebook page you automatically give all the necessary information to ensure that your accounts can easily be found in the base of the server. For you it may be empty words, but because of the FB page you can find not only the gaming account, but the exact places (forums and chat rooms) where the person was.

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