The reason to bump prices for your service

When you visit a game currency store you are always provide information about how many you have game currencyand on which server you sell it. 60% of traders immediately ask the question "what a price?"

This question is one (not the main) reason due which there is a drop the price of currencies in different game projects. Each buyer of game currency is looking for someone who sells his own currency cheaper than others. And of course, if the buyer has a few offers he will deal it to the trader who offered the lower price for his service.

But in most cases, only you the person who offer the gold to gold-services. In 80% cases you will get the message like "we have one man, who offer the gold cheaper" or "other people sell it cheaper than you, lets drop the price?". Do not believe to gold-sellers. In most cases they just trying to get more money from your gold. And they succeed.

1st of all you must to set the price of your gold. If you will be the only person, who offer gold right now - so you will easily sold your gold. You can reject all types of bidding from gold seller. It is your gold - and price should be yours.

If you will always drop the price, so other farmers will drop it too. So after 1-2 weeks price will be 2 times less.

Gold in games will demand for a very long time. So no need rush the gold selling services and sell your gold for a very low prices.

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