How not to be banned doing a deal

The most important question from players who sell their service in game world, how not to be caught by Administration - it some pretty simple answers.

  • Never makes a deal from your main character.

Even if the game currency selling services , whose services you are using, there is a condition that the currency \ services are accepted only from your main character - you never have to follow these instruction. Sign a ext. char of high-level, on the other account. Most official servers are blocking only the accounts of players which the offense has been committed . So even if you are caught, you do not rush to break into support of the project, as It was after the instant appeal, you confirm your presence on the character at the time of the transaction. Also you should remember do not lie to Administration that you are is nothing to blame. In most cases, recognizing your offense, you can get from the administration the opportunity to continue to use your account (with withdrawal of items that you are trying to sell, or have bought).

Unfortunately on most free servers Administration bans not only the account at which offense has been committed , but all of the accounts that you have access to So you should use to trade game currency \ stuff is not just another account and character, but also to use software, to replace the HWID and your IP. For information about such software can be found on our website

  • Do not make a deal with the same character.

You must create a ext. char to transfer game currency, but it is not necessary to carry out each transaction through it. If the logfiles on your character will only transmit game currency from different people, then this character will attract too much attention by headhunters. The easiest way is the case in the games, which have the ability to trade by 1st level chars and that the removal of these characters is is immediate. Just create a character, trade game currency to buyer and delete char. As in many games characters are deleted immediately chars - removed from the database server, so the tracking on which account was the character for Administration becomes very difficult, and for free-servers for "PRO" techniques, it becomes an impossible task.

  • Do not trade game values through the game mail \ game auction.

As we all know, almost all the characters' actions are logged in the database the server. With special passion game project Administration monitors the transmissions through the game mail and game auction. So try to carry out transactions only by hand to hand. You must remember that any transaction which featured game currency, carefully checked by hunters on real money traders (RMT). Always add 5 or more items which you do not mind to give up. There is no necessary to give most cheap resources, such transactions will attract even more attention. Just do not give currency "in exchange" for cheap items that 1% of this amount price. Such transactions almost instantly catch the eye of gold sellers hunters.

  • Protect your personal information

If you're going to play on a server just for the sale game currency, do not use their usual data (nickname, email, Skype, account, password). Any such data about you already in Google, so if you are at the end of your gaming activities will create topic \ advertise the sale of game values in various forums with an indication your data (like your Skype) do not be surprised that you will be banned before treatment to you the first buyer.

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